Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Fritz, M., Grimm, M., My Hanh, H.T., Koot, J., Nguyen, G.H., Nguyen, T.P.L., Probandari, A.,  Widyaningsih, V., & Lensink, R. (2024). Effectiveness of community-based diabetes and hypertension prevention and management programs in Indonesia and Vietnam: a quasi-experimental study. BMJ Global Health 9(5), e015053. 

Fritz, M. (2022). Temperature and non-communicable diseases: Evidence from Indonesia's primary health care system. Health Economics 31(11), 2445-2464.

Fritz, M. (2022). Wave after wave – Determining the temporal lag in Covid-19 infections and deaths using spatial panel data from Germany.  Journal of Spatial Econometrics  3, 9. 

Fritz, M. & Fromell, H. (2022). How to dampen the surge of non-communicable diseases in Southeast Asia? Insights from a systematic review and meta-analyses. Health Policy and Planning 37(1), 152-167.

Fritz, M., Grimm, M., Keilbart, P., Laksmana, D. D., Luck, N., Padmanabhan, M., Subandi, N. & Tamtomo, K. (2021). Turning Indonesia Organic: Insights from Transdisciplinary Research on the Challenges of a Societal Transformation. Sustainability 13(23), 13011.


Fritz, M. (2023). Health challenges of the 21st century - Empirical essays on the health and economic burden of non-communicable diseases and climate change in Southeast Asia. PhD Thesis. University of Passau & University of Groningen.

Policy Reports

SUNI-SEA Consortium (2023). Work Package 2 Report. Cost-effectiveness - Key findings and recommendations. 

SUNI-SEA Consortium (2023). SUNI-SEA white paper: Concepts and frameworks for management and research in community-based healthcare. 

Working Papers

Fritz, M., Grimm, M., Weber, I., Yom-Tov, E. and Praditya, B. (2023).  Can social media encourage diabetes self-screenings? A randomized controlled trial with Indonesian Facebook users. (R&R at Nature Portfolio Journals - Digital Medicine)

Work in progress

Too hot to be happy? Mental health effects of the 2007 and 2015 Indian heat waves. 

(Single authored)

My opinion, your opinion - Do group perceptions prevent the adoption of sustainable farming practices? 

(with N. Luck, N.H. Primasari, U. Sawhney)

Revamping the innovative spirit of microfinance.  

(with F. Carli, F. Cecchi, B. Uras, R. Lensink, INESAD Bolivia)